The Future is Here

The Future is here...

                     it's just not widely distributed yet .... William Gibson

We are all citizens of the world, potentially inter-connected with everyone
  • Every other world citizen is a potential ally, resource, or rival; a select few will revolutionize our future
  • Anyone can copy anyone else, or leapfrog to a next-generation product; competitive advantage now seems fleeting 
  • Threats and opportunities can emerge from beyond the traditional borders of our society, line of business or region
  • Leaders must anticipate, prepare and seize the openings these changes make possible
Random, powerful 'storm surges' can disrupt markets, technologies, products - washing over us from other sectors
  • Change will not be linear, nor will we be certain what it is, until it is almost upon us
  • We cannot rely on what we think we know; only if we search outward and forward, will we see the forces, patterns and openings 'outside the bubble' of our company and our point of view
  • Leaders must look around the corner and over the horizon, make meaning, uncover implications, and then act
Market dominance of any kind can be overturned in a flash
  • The strongest today may be the most vulnerable tomorrow; the smallest today may be the giants of tomorrow
  • Business models must be constantly refreshed and renewed, and more frequently than ever, abandoned
  • Leaders must seek advantage where legacy rivals will be hard pressed to follow 
Innovation and creativity now open the doors to anyone to enter the game, re-write the game or invent a new game
  • Start-ups - and those who act like them - dismiss legacy thinking and its constraints
  • Innovators throw out the old rules and even re-design the game to suit themselves
  • Changes to market demand, input prices, or competitive intensity force market leaders to reinvent, or go under
  • The explosion of new offerings and choices transforms what customers value and how they behave
  • Leaders must build organizations that can challenge, even replace their greatest sources of current success 

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