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From Golden Rules of Governance to Golden Principles

Yes, we need a gold standard to gauge how well a Board performs.  But what do these goodness measures say about whether a Board follows the spirit, or just the letter?  About whether it excels in outcomes or just in process?  ...  In our view, the check-the-box-factors are like the exterior of a flashy new car.  It's high time to look under the hood.

High-Contributing Boards - Case Studies
We profile some Boards in the Globe and Mail that              
stand out for their drive to constantly raise their game 

CN Rail


We ask Directors ...

  • How can they make their greatest contributions to the performance of the company?
  • When the next market crash or global crisis occurs, will companies that lead in oversight be better defended  or better able to take advantage?
  • If CEOs were not obliged to have a Board, how many would keep one anyway, and if they did, how differently would they function?
  • What would it take for management teams to anticipate a Board meeting as a wealth of insight to be captured, instead of an exam to be passed? 
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 Coping with complexity - The fine art of flexible Board and Management roles (Guided Flog #11)

That issue, again?  How to distinguish the Board's role from that of Management is a debate 'so old that it shines'.  Didn't we resolve that dilemma years ago?   True, but how Boards behave today is increasingly diverging from what they say they believe.  The upside is tempting, but managing the risks takes high skill ...

The oxygen of high expectations - how smart CEOs harvest their Board's full potential (Guided Flog #10)

What factors permit some Boards to far outperform their peers at other firms?  Why do some Boards make a much bigger contribution to company success than others that seem equally distinguished?   We will explore many root causes in future Flogs, but one central character holds a powerful key to any Board's realized value - the Chief Executive Officer.

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